Essential fashion pieces you need to know before the summer starts.

Summer is my second favourite season when it comes to clothing, summer fashion always hits differently because of its colours and the breeziness of fabrics. Almost everyone I know is hyped about summer, because you get to go to the beach, for a hike, to a party, to a concert/festival, or if you are a fashion head like me, you could be going to Rooomxix’s store to pick up some of the hottest pieces for summer fashion, gearing me up for the coming season.

Hot weather doesn’t mean you have to revert to basics, so planning your summer outfits should have no rules. You can wear those super bright hues, that sexy summer dress with all the surprise cut-outs, or sport a bikini top as a shirt. The weather in Nigeria will always have its moments, so this shouldn’t stop you from wearing what’s on your mind. Although this might seem like freedom, it has its cons. There are so many cool summer outfits to browse from which is overwhelming. These are 5 fashion items you can use in staying trendy this coming summer, now you can have all the inspiration you need.


It wouldn’t be a summer style guide without mentioning shorts. From classic styles to more daring colour choices and fabrics, there is something to suit every taste. Streetwear-inspired shorts keep things long and relaxed in fit. The key trends for this season are stripes and everything that pops when it comes to patterns, matched with a longer length that finishes just above the knee.


Shirts, weather polos, vintage shirts and t-shirts buttoned up or buttoned down are the perfect way to stay cool and look stylish in the summer. If you want to nail the casual streetwear look, finding the right fit is everything and this is where Rooomxix doesn’t miss, the hottest style lives here. A relaxed style is key for the summer, but your different kinds of shirts should still fit you properly in their different ways. It’s hot, keep it light. Invest in some t-shirts or vintage shirts with a little more substance, also keeping the designs simple.


Track or jackets are the latest retro look being revamped by the fashion world and this season’s styles will have you looking fresh all summer. Perfect for throwing on once the temperature drops in the evening, these lightweight jackets are a stylish way to top off any outfit. For those prepared to get a little more adventurous with streetwear, rocking a seventies throwback tracksuit is a stylish and fuss-free option. Tracksuits by their very nature are easy to wear and it stays comfortable on hot days. Bomber jackets are still all the rage, so if you can find one that fits, pick one up in something neutral, like cream or black. Unlined denim jackets are also a great option. The same colour rules apply as with jeans. A plain white T-shirt layered underneath the jacket is always going to be a strong look. However, if you want to dress it up a bit then try throwing a printed short-sleeve shirt into the mix instead.

Bucket Hat

Matched with a t-shirt and shorts. This summer style is notoriously tricky to nail, but with this trusted and tested combination, looking fresh and staying cool in the crowds becomes something you can be proud of. Bucket hats aren’t going anywhere, and while they may not be to everyone’s taste, they are good for keeping sunburnt scalps in a hot summer. You might want to wear baseball hats too because they are more relaxed and so casual. Hats are another reliable streetwear favourite of mine and it has the added benefit of being a current high-fashion heavy hitter to my style, making it a great, on-trend focal point for you to try.


You have a lot of options in terms of footwear. Summer shoes like vans or boat shoes can go with just about anything. Keep your Nike colours subtle this season. White is always appropriate, while still giving a bit of a pop. That doesn’t mean your sneakers should be boring. We all know the legendary black and white are easy colours that work all the time, but a sleek pair of low profile sneakers in any colourway can work and when done right, they’d add an amazing extra pop to any summer outfit you plan. White Sneakers are a winner for me this summer, they always glow in broad daylight and they are versatile enough to work with any summer outfit.

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